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Sixteen people have been arrested during

a Standupx protest in south London. (Video Article)


TRWS Jim covered the Standupx Protest at Clapham Common on 09/01/2020.

As Jim show’s in the video he counted over 20 TSG vans plus multiple pixie vans full of Police officers they then went on to clash with the protesters who were part of the  Standupx Protest that had marched from Clapham Common along to the High Street, shouting “take your freedom back” as they went through the park and along the road.

The Met Police said, Gathering for the purpose of a protest is not an exemption to the rules.

One protester, who was detained was seen saying , “I stand under common law, not maritime law and this is assault”  he was still put into handcuffs by officers.

16 people were arrested and 22 fines were handed out on the day.



We spoke to some amazing people who were dispersed from the protest in clapham common by officers some shocking and where they think we should all go from here, an interaction with the police about the 2 tier policing that’s happening where 11 aside football is allowed but not protesting.

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  • Anthony Riley
    January 10, 2021, 9:14 pm  Reply

    A new tactic is needed. Police are winning when they have numbers. Protesting is lawful and the police are only able to do this because of the media blackout.

  • Jacks Genever
    January 11, 2021, 8:20 pm  Reply

    I think also saying on YT ,Insta, whatever medium police will be watch these to find out when peaceful rallies (as I prefer to call them ) are going to happen so they are forearmed when it gets to the actual date they know where ,when etc . It won’t be long imo before Joe public goes out tooled up ! I see Matt Hancock is spouting off again saying lockdown might get tougher yet 🙄 .

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