I have attended many protests, rallies, gatherings or however you wish to refer to them over the last few months, for the most part they are refreshing and reinstate my faith in humanity.
To be ‘together’ with people again, with no masks or any of that social distancing rubbish, for a few hours you remember what it is to be human.

Despite the fact that we are there because we collectively feel that our basic and fundamental human rights are being stripped from us without justification, there is laughter and love in abundance.

Protests vary, from the numbers that turn up to the level of uncalled for police brutality but each and every protest is underpinned by the same values such as hope and a desire to be free of what we all consider tyranny.

I have never witnessed a protester be aggressive towards anyone, including the police, unless they are unfairly provoked. Everyone I meet is there to stand for what is right whether that is for themselves or their children or most importantly the future of humanity. Birmingham was different. Birmingham shocked me to my core and left me feeling heartbroken.

For starters I arrived slightly late to find absolutely nobody there. No-one. I happened to overhear a conversation from a small group of four who were standing by and I gathered that they too were waiting for people to arrive. They explained that there had been a few people but they had been moved on by the police.

I became agitated very quickly because it is becoming more and more apparent that the people in this country are missing a very important component of their anatomy; a backbone. The numbers have been dwindling with each protest I have attended but to see Birmingham so scarce and considering that is the second city I was gobsmacked. Frustrated and saddened I got speaking to the individuals and one of them in particular got my attention.

He was Eastern European and he asked me why I was protesting about this at such a young age. He explained what it was like to live in the Soviet Union and how he is watching history repeat itself. We discussed our European counterparts and how they are putting us to shame. This conversation really set the mood for the rest of the protest for me.

After around 45 minutes of hanging on for dear life, praying a few more would turn up, they did. A gentleman began to speak on his microphone and he was inspiring! Around 100 people gradually congregated and we heard this guy out. He spoke with conviction and bravery and I admired him for that. It wasn’t long however before the police moved in, around 20 of them, and enclosed the speaker, guarding him so that we couldn’t hear

him any more. That was it. I instantly went live on my Instagram page so that people could see in real time what was happening. I do this to protect myself and others and to show people what is happening. This is modern day book burning. It is criminal in every way.

There were multiple gatherings from drug users to a homeless shelter handing out food, neither of which were interfered with. It seems the moment you begin to speak out against this regime you are attacked and shut down with no questions asked. Amidst all of this commotion I begin to shout and plead with the officers. My voice trembling and my hands shaking. I called them every name under the sun because I recognise deep in my soul that this not right.

There can be no logical explanation for stopping human beings from discussing something that is affecting every aspect of all of our lives. Particularly when the police themselves are not sticking to the rules. None of it makes sense and we all know it. The police successfully dispersed the group once again and we all went in our different directions. This wasn’t enough to satisfy the power thirst that these police officers appear to have though and they continued to follow and harass people making 11 arrests in total I believe.

My good friend being one of them. We managed around 15 minutes of freedom before they snatched it from us. Each and every officer I engaged with looked beyond distressed and they so clearly know that this is wrong. Yet they continue to follow orders. Just. Following. Orders. I don’t know how we move forward from this, in fact we can’t without hundreds of thousands of us out there. As I’ve pointed out the people in this country haven’t been stung hard enough yet.

They still have the illusion of being free. They still have a few belongings. I guess my experience in Birmingham brought it home to me. None of this will end until people unite and actually desire to take back their birthright and live how life was intended to be lived, in true freedom.

This Video article was filmed and written by pdizzlexo


  • January 31, 2021, 10:58 am  Reply

    Huge respect to you , you commented back to me . I’m 69 , been on Instagram for two weeks in desperation to join other freedom fighters .My protests started with street theatre in Camden London against the Vietnam war and many more since but this is the big one , fight of our lives . Good luck in your mission 👍❤️🙏

    • Woke Roxanne
      January 31, 2021, 11:09 am

      Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 massive respect to you for getting out on the front line xxxxx

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