London Protest 20/03/21


A monumental step was taken this weekend in the City of London.

This Saturday, over 150,000 people gathered to peacefully protest about the lockdown which has been put in place on and off for just over a year now,  also raising questions about the medical misinformation being put out at the moment.

Once again, the silent majority are stepping up to give the public the flip side to what various news stations, politicians and officials wont put out and give us all some food for thought.
We heard this from @officialjustjoe;

“The overall peacefulness of Saturday was such an immense feeling of unity, everybody of every nationality, colour and creed, together, standing as one voice against the corruption of this world and fighting for freedom”

Contrary to what is being portrayed on the news, this protest packed out the whole of the city centre. The protest stretched from Park Lane to Green Park, Marble Arch through to High Holborn all the way down to Regents Street, Leicester Square and the Trafalgar Square area.

It also ended up reaching Scotland Yard, Parliament Square and Downing Street.

The protest rounded back to Hyde Park where the Police ended up retreating as the amount of people there clearly outnumbered the police by a long shot.

As you can see from the videos, even the cars being held up supported everyone around them and cheered them on.

Evidently, this protest stood for more than just highlighting the injustices occurring right now but it also really highlighted the real sense of community everyone still has despite having been given home orders for the past few months.

@leannarenwick was part of the protest and she told us that “It was very uplifting to see so many people come out to fight for their freedom.
The protests are very peaceful, unifying and welcoming for people of all backgrounds and ages.”

Several bus drivers had their buses come to a standstill to commend the protesters and show their support for the protest along with families clapping and cheering from their car windows and roofs.

The collectiveness of the nation was definitely felt by everyone at the protest on Saturday. Jinade from Batley, West Yorkshire said that “The freedom protest in London was a very peaceful event. People from all across the UK, from all walks of life marched in solidarity to oppose the tyranny we are all facing from the Government, media and Big Pharma.

The Police allowed the people to march without any incidents but towards the end there were a few minor scenes. These skirmishes were most likely pre-planned to portray the peaceful protestors in a bad light on mainstream media which is usually the case.”



It has also been reported that earlier, more than 60 MPs and peers wrote to the home secretary calling for laws to be changed to allow peaceful protests during lockdown. However, this protest has now increased interest in plans to give police officers more powers to restrict these demonstrations.

These powers include being able to impose a start and finish time and set a noise limit. Those doing talks and speeches could possibly face a fine up to £2,500 if they disobey police orders and it will also become a crime if those who protest do not follow regulations.

These powers are being debated through the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.

This could be a big issue for future protests and active demonstrations of public discontent as the Human Rights argument won’t stand for much if officers deem it to be against public safety.

Is this now just another way for them to gatekeep protesters from not scrutinising them?

We think this protest is definitely one of to go down in history in many ways, through unity and demonstrating that the nation will rise up when their liberties are being taken from them.

Alex from Liverpool kindly shared her thoughts on the protest with us and said,

“Everyone who walked true and proud of their beliefs spread nothing but hope and positivity fighting for our freedoms on Saturday, even with the frustration of the situation and ridiculously high police presence.

Overall, the day was so peaceful and pleasant. The tens of thousands of people that attended have realised that we are not the minority anymore no matter how the media try to perceive it and the unity of that many people with pure intent was so powerful which you could literally feel.”

Keeley, from Dartford in Kent, shared her experience of the day with us as well and explained that “On the 20th of March 2021, the first anniversary of the lock down experience which awoke the British people we saw people united unwaveringly against the harmful, unnecessary and extremely violating restrictions that have been enforced upon us all during this time.

This was by far one of the most monumental experiences of my life.

To see courageous people gathering together fearlessly and undeterred by foolish scaremongering with the probable threat of violence from the people who we pay to protect us, the police, was utterly awe inspiring and unforgettable.

We peacefully walked and walked for miles in complete solidarity and pushed defiantly through the policed attempts to stop and separate us all.

We had a clear mission to show the rest of the international community that we do not accept our children’s lives and futures all being destroyed.

We will not accept these dehumanising restrictions on our way of life.

We will not accept our fundamental rights and liberties being removed from us.

We will fiercely reject the new normal forever more.

We don’t want a great reset, we are much greater as we are.”


Article written by

Roxanne & Jessica Glen @TRWS


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  • Jacks Genever
    March 23, 2021, 7:32 am  Reply

    Excellent well done guys as I said the tide IS turning ,and hopefully this will be over within a month or so …Watch YouTube Michael O ‘Bernicia chat with Mark Devlin I think he’s got this covered !

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